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Generate high-quality pixel art with Artificial Intelligence

Pixelfy is a tool that harnesses bleeding-edge AI models to generate professional pixel art images for your creative projects

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Your limit is your imagination

Pixelfy provides a variety of battle-tested generators to create all types of images, and we are always adding more.


Image showing a cozy cabin with snow
Snow-capped peaks
cozy cabin
lush green landscape

Fantasy RPG

Image showing a warhammer character portrait pixelated
Warhammer 40k
space marine

32x32 Skill Art

Image showing a frostbolt skill art pixelated
frigid air
shades of blue and white

16x16 Pixel Portraits

16 bit cyberpunk robot portrait
otherworldly avatar
glowing eyes
neon energy
ethereal form

And many more


Pixelfy is packed with features to help you create the pixel art you want with ease.

Prompt Builder

An AI powered prompt builder to help you create stunning images.

Control grid size

Choose from 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, or 128x128 grids.

Advanced Tuning

Advanced options for adjusting sampling steps and prompt guidance.

Remove background

Isolate the subject of your image by removing the background!

Use reference images

Upload your own reference images to influence the generation.

Color palette control

Constrain your generated image to a specific color palette.

Proudly Open Source

Pixelfy is open source and powered by open source software and AI models.
The code is available on GitHub.